Written on 09/11/2021
Jose Vasquez

After the premiere of her infectious summer anthem “BBS” (Bad B!&%# Summer), Spanish-Cuban singer-songwriter Samantha Sanchez, continues her rise as one of the most promising stars in Latin music today, with the release of her latest single “Reconciliados” under the labels of Rebeleon Entertainment, led by renowned multi-award-winning producer Sebastian Krys, and Virgin Music US Latin.

Produced by Orlando Vitto and Renzo Bravo, and written by Sánchez alongside Samantha Cámara, Orlando Vitto, Renzo Bravo and Daniel Rondón, “Reconciliados” addresses that unique and special love we share with that person who is not only our romantic partner, but also our best friend. ” Reconciliados” is a fun song that overflows with melodies without complications and a constant dose of humor. The song, inspired by Samantha’s own experiences, chronicles circumstances with which we can all identify: no matter how much you love a person, we can still get into petty fights with them.
“I love this song. I feel that many, many of the people who follow me will be able to identify with it. It’s a very personal song. Since I was very young, my grandmother always told me, ‘You and your dad are so similar that that’s why you always argue,’ and that’s what stuck in my mind my whole life. Now, as I think about my relationships with friends and family, I’ve arrived at the conclusion that when we have more things in common and live together with someone for 24 hours a day, sometimes silly fights can arise; fights that would never tear love apart, but still happen; fights that will not end love, but still happen. Therefore, I question why we fight if in the end we love each other. It’s great fun,” reveals Sánchez.
The official video, which is now available on YouTube, was filmed in Los Angeles with an old Super 8 camera under the direction of Daniel Eguren. In it, we see Sánchez explore cities in the Los Angeles area for the first time, such as Malibu and Beverly Hills. Fans will be able to experience the excitement right along with her, as her contagious passion, unstoppable energy, and ability to live in the moment shine through every scene.
“Filming the video “Reconciliados” was a lot of fun. It was my first time in Los Angeles and I literally took a tour of the entire city in my manager’s car. I’m so fond of the song and the video that, honestly, I can’t imagine anything different. It was an incredible experience, and, above all, I have wonderful memories of Los Angeles, “says Sánchez.