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DJ Jochi El Negro

My name is Jose A. Severino. I was born in Dominican Republic and came to the United States when I was 12 years old. At a young age I started showing interest in music, participating in Middle school and High school talent shows. During my high school years in New Brunswick, New Jersey I started listening to DJs like Jesus Citronelle (To’ Mixiao), Notty Coto, and Johnny Famorali (La Original Mega Mezcla from New York City). That is when my interest for the DJ life started developing. I remember going to the Hispanic Cultural Festival to help set up and watch other DJs perform. While being in high school in the early 90’s, I was the DJ for a few underground basement parties (Hookie Parties). After high school I basically made Deejaying my career. I became an Audio Engineer at CPCC community college in Charlotte, North Carolina. Through out the years I have Deejayed in many Venues from New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. I also became a member of a few DJ…

Michael London

As one of the most in demand Dj’s in Orlando, FL Michael London is getting ready to take it up a notch by releasing his first single “Drunk.” With hundreds of clubs under his belt, Michael London knows exactly what rocks the crowd. Michael London has over 400k in soundcloud plays with many original remixes that get played by many other Dj’s around the world. Michael London released six studio mix CDs with an average of 60k plays. While his internet fan base continues to grow, his shows are getting recognized by club promoters all over the world. Born in New York and raised in Orlando, Michael London had the best of both worlds. Raised listening to hip hop and Miami base, it was easy to convert to EDM. Now being known as on of the top EDM Dj’s in Florida, Michael London is ready to branch out over seas. “I love EDM. I love the feeling that goes through my body when the beat drops so my goal is to make everyone feel the same way, one record at a time.”

Tito Knoise

Hector Heredia, better known as Tito Knoise was born in the Dominican Republic. At the age of 11 he moved to the Bronx, New York. In 2007 Tito Knoise moved to Tampa, FL and in 2008 began to show interest for the art of “Disc Jockey”. From a very young age he has shown great love for music. Tito Knoise got his first break as a DJ in a small club in Tampa, FL known as Tequila Rocks in 2009. This day marked the beginning of his journey as a DJ. It wasn't until Tito Knoise moved to New Haven, CT that his career jumpstarted. By the end of 2010 Tito Knoise had already establishing his name within the local club goers when he was first given the opportunity to spin at one of the top clubs in downtown New Haven called Gotham. In just a short period of time, still being considered by industry standards as a rookie, Tito Knoise had already played at some of the top clubs in downtown New Haven. “Growing up in the Bronx, NY influenced my style of deejaying and when I moved up north it was…

DJ Swerve

DJ Swerve was born and raised in New York City, NY. His passion for music began an early age and led to DJing where he has become a master of his craft. DJ Swerve has the ability to rock a crowd with his smooth mixing skills and can play various genres ranging from House, Top 40, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata & More.

DJ Dave Beats

Professionally Dj'ing for over 10 years, Dave Beats finds being versatile as one of his main qualities for longevity. Descending from Puerto Rican and Italian heritage allowed him to have a broad range of musical influences from various formats. You can catch him Dj'ing on the FM airwaves in Tampa on Maxima 92.5FM as well as various club nights.

DJ Flecha

Miguel Cruz mejor conocido como Dj FLECHA, Nací un 9 de Agosto del 1979 en Santo Domingo Republica dominicana, desde los 16 años me empezó a gustar la música sobre todo las mezclas,

DJ Genesis

DJ Genesis (born David Omar Rodriguez) is a highly praised and accomplished disc jockey that has excelled in the DJ scene with ambition, style, and professionalism. Born and raised in New Jersey, Genesis was raised in a Puerto Rican and Colombian household that set the foundation for what would evolve into a promising DJ career. Brought up in a family with tremendous passion for music, Genesis had great influence at an early age being the son to an amateur DJ (Angel Rodriguez) and nephew to legendary instrumentalist (Jay Rodriguez). "I craved to do anything involving music. It is something that has always been part of my DNA", he states. Genesis was an impressive saxophonist for North Bergen High School and continued on to Rutgers University, where he gained his first major crowd exposure as captain of the step team for Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Incorporated. It was then that Genesis had the realization his true devotion to music was…

DJ Rican

Originally from Indian​apolis, IN, DJ Rican (Julio Enrique Rolon) is known for his energetic and diverse selection of music. From the Latin roots of the congas of Salsa classics to the 808's of hip-hop & house hits, Rican is able to adjust to any crowd on the dance floor.

DJ Lanz

Justin Lanz also known as DJ Lanz, was born and raised in Tampa, FL. He first touched the turntables as a teenager, beginning his immersion into the DJ lifestyle. Justin started out doing house parties in high school and a few years later in 2010, he got his first residency at Club Prana, a 5 floor night club in Tampa. It didn’t stop there, he has also DJed in Sarasota, Key West and Orlando. In 2013, DJ Lanz became a Radio DJ in Tampa, FL for 92.5 “Maxima FM,” which is one of the top rated Latin Radio Stations in the Southeastern part of the United States. He has opened for recording artists such as, J. Alvarez, Victor Manuelle, Hector Acosta, Zion Y Lennox, N’Klabe, De La Ghetto, Guanabanas, Alex Kyza, Farruko, Franco El Gorila, Elvis Crespo, Sir Speedy, Myzta, Nengo Flow, Don Omar, Prince Royce, J Quiles, Faith Evans and many more! He even DJed a private party for Pro Skateboarder, Ryan Sheckler. DJ Lanz can be found on many websites such as, LaMezcla, BassKidz, and…

DJ Toma

As the club lights are dimmed, the spotlight is focused on two hands. The audience waits in anticipation as the two hands begin to mix, play and pump out some the hottest music today. The crowd can’t help but dance and rock to the beats this DJ blasts. Who is this DJ who can rock the party like no other? It’s the one and only DJ TOMA.

DJ Geeboogie

DJ Geeboogie was born on December 18, 1982 on the streets of Dyckman/ Washington Heights NYC. He was given the birth name of Giovanny Breton. What made Geeboogie become a DJ ? Back in 1999 Lboogs took him to a club in New Jersey where he was hosting an event. DJ Kast One and DJ Enuff were the DJs that night. Geeboogie was in the DJ booth with them. The way they rocked the club and made every body dance was incredible. Since that day Geeboogie knew he was going to be a DJ or involved in music some way or another. Through hard work, perseverance and dedication he has become a successful DJ.

DJ Speedy Jr

Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, by parents of Puerto Rican Decent, Dj Speedy Jr. moved to the Tampa Bay Area at the age of 12 and began to DJ at the age of 15. Following the footsteps of his father the original Speedy, Dj Speedy Jr. continues to dj in the Tampa Bay area. Dj Speedy Jr.’s first nightclub gig was a little club known in Tampa as Coco’s and ever since, he has performed at some of the hottest clubs that have opened in Tampa Bay Area like: Club Borinquen, Patricks Beach Club, Casablanca, La Cueva, Hyde Park Cafe, Turbulence, Capricornio (Carruceles), Club Atlanta, Club XS, Borderline, La Esquina Sabrosa, Mirage (Moets), FUEL among others. Dj Speedy Jr. helped start the first FM Spanish station in Tampa; El Rayo 106.1 FM and on that station, he featured the first latin music weekend mix show in town. He also volunteers his time on WMNF 88.5 FM (community radio) to assist his dad with his show, “The Latin Jazz and Salsa Show” going on 10…

DJ Boogy

Jonathan Tolentino better known as Dj Boogy, has been influenced artistically with a vast majority of musical genres. Being of Dominican descendance, music like Merengue Tipico, Bachata and Salsa was at full force in his family household. This strong connection to his roots can still be heard in his mixing qualities as an adult.