DJ Solo Remix

Written on 01/10/2017
Jose Vasquez

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m DJ Solo Remix.

As a versatile DJ, I play every genre of music; music other DJs do not dare to mix. I love pushing music past the limit of the ordinary, combining genres that take the musical experience past the normal boundaries—and the crowds are never disappointed.

Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, I jumped behind the turntables at a time when DJing was becoming an art form. Legends like Grandmaster Flash and DJ Kool Herc took the standard role of the DJ to a higher level and transported the crowds with new, explosive sounds. It was an exciting time to be a young DJ with no limits on what I could do with vinyl. Later on the scene were two other DJs, Little Louie Vega and Jellybean Benitez, who would influence the type of music that would become my forte: Freestyle and House. Through them I saw the hard work and dedication needed to become a master mixer. I believed with the same dedication to my craft, I could become as strong of a performer, pushing beats, people flowing to my sounds. It worked.

Word about my DJ performances spread: I went from performing at block parties to weddings to finally getting my first gig at The Bridge, a club in Spanish Harlem, NYC. That move opened doors to other venues around New York City. Soon thereafter, I was afforded the opportunity to work with a variety of Freestyle artists: George Lamond, Coro, TKA, Judy Torres, Brenda K. Starr, Stevie B., CNR (of Trilogy), and Safire—among others.

When it came to House: Jungle House, Electronica, Disco House, Latin House; it was all under my domain. I continue to enjoy infusing heart pounding, afro-Latino beats into Electronica or blending R&B with Jungle House to mixing Hip Hop and House. My eclectic style can also bridge Bollywood with House or Dance. Salsa with a larger instrumental background. Reggeaton. I love experimenting with different beats, making conventional music spin into the uniquely extraordinary.

Currently, I was  Vice President of Events and Promotion at NiteLine Radio, the #1 Internet Radio station in the New York tri-state area. I am an official member of Boriqua Posse/Rare Arts as well as Top Gun Elite DJs and Platinum DJs.

My work doesn't end there. I collaborate with various non-profit organizations such as Relay For Life, Toys For Tots, and Strides. For the past four years, I have DJ’d for the Bronx Puerto Rican Day Parade. I was touted the “2012 Bronx DJ of the Year” by the Puerto Rican Day Parade Committee. I continue to do live shows, solo projects, collaborations, and DJing for various NiteLine Radio shows.

My story continues to spin. Stay tuned!

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